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10 - Summer Workshop

Ended Jul 22, 2023
60 credits

Spots remaining: 20

Full course description

Sneak On the Lot workshops were created to assist filmmakers and instructors in the classroom and give them personal experiences behind the scenes of a motion picture.  This experience could then be taken back to their classrooms and be dispensed to their students.

In addition to participants working on a film in Hollywood, we provide regional workshops that are given in your local area.

To enable educators and students the best filmmaking knowledge possible, Sneak On The Lot offers a workshop that engages participants in the various stages of film production — From working on set with professionals to participating in various filmmaking workshops, Sneak On The Lot has a proven track record of thorough filmmaking training.



  • 1 year subscription to Sneak On The Lot
  • 4 days of studio instruction
  • 1 day of on set instruction
  • 50-60 hours of In-Service credit
  • 5 night stay in Marriott hotel
  • Free camera slate
  • Raw footage from the workshop